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  • A Question That Has Long Lost Its Meaning

    4 weeks ago 3 min. reading time 32 comments 10 likes

  • What do you get when mixing blood, eggs, fat, sand...? Concrete!

    Concrete, in its basic form, is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. Due to its strength and ability to adapt to almost any shape, con ...

    5 months ago 7 min. reading time 24 comments 9 likes

  • Dream a new DREAM

    鈥淚 dream of painting and then I paint my DREAM.鈥 路 鈥 Vincent van Gogh 路 The older I get the greater I dream 路 The visions of youth are no ...

    8 months ago 4 min. reading time 26 comments 13 likes

  • beBee Reading Club

    It's been four years since I wrote The Purpose of Being on beBee. 路 Here's what I wrote then: 路 This platform reminds me of an ancient Gre ...

    9 months ago 3 min. reading time 25 comments 10 likes

  • Exclusivity of Truth

    Over many centuries scholars have argued on matters of truth. For some, there is a certain body of knowledge that is absolutely true and not ...

    11 months ago 3 min. reading time 35 comments 11 likes

  • Do You Play Number Games?

    There's no doubt that our mind muscles need constant exercise. Keeping your brain active as long as you can is a strong defence against deme ...

    1 year ago 5 min. reading time 19 comments 12 likes

  • QLeadsGen software a

    Are you a Google search guru, skilled in constructing advanced Google search queries for retrieving business contacts information? Wouldn't ...

    1 year ago 1 min. reading time 1 comment 1 like

  • Geometric Shape as a Metaphor for My Life

    Geometry is all around us, and we are surrounded by myriads of geometric forms, shapes, and patterns. Every living organism and all non-livi ...

    1 year ago 4 min. reading time 23 comments 9 likes

  • Testing the New Version of beBee

    Image Source: days ago, Javier informed us that a new version of beBee is launched. Many of us, the las ...

    1 year ago 2 min. reading time 26 comments 13 likes

  • If Aristotle Were Alive, What He Would Say About Virtual Friendships?

    Despite being many years on social media, I am still amazed at the concept of online friendships and the people I call my friends but never ...

    1 year ago 4 min. reading time 40 comments 5 likes

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