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Beyond The Horizon, The Dystopian Wilderness Of The Worlds Oceans.

On those days when I wake early enough, my morning ritual is to head to the beach, and if I time it right, I will arrive to witness yet another spectacular sunrise. It never fails to disappoint as the slow assent of a giant, the orange sun illuminates the sea and its surrounds, b ...

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Neil Smith


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2 weeks ago

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I'm Very Right Wing.

A short piece related to British politics, Media and a sense of humour. If you have no interest in British politics then do feel free to scroll on by. · The other day the BBC launched a new Sunday politics show featuring its former political editor, Laura Kuenssberg. So far so no ...

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Love Hate Love Songs

This is LOVE! Capital letters and exclamation mark included. · All things considered it’s a pretty damned exciting feeling. The sheer exhilarating rush of love and lust and desire and anticipation and kissing and touching and closeness and all that stuff is some huge, almighty ru ...

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