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The self-supporting and weight-bearing paper bridge was created completely out of paper without using glue, screws, or any other fixings to keep the sheets of paper in place.
The bridge was a temporary installation by British environmental artist Steve Messam, built on the principles of traditional stone bridge building methods. 
Perhaps humans can learn from this kind of structure. Even we are weak, we could become stronger if we stick together.

The unique red bridge made entirely of 22,000 sheets of paper.

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In Praise of the Engineer

When you ask me my favourite all time engineer,  · There's none, on their own, top the list, let's be clear,  · So many achievers have brought such a lot,  · Da Vinci, then Stephenson, Ford, Bell and Watt,  · No Telford, MacAdam or IK Brunel,  · Would make our roads dull and 'les ...

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Magnificent Hyperbolic Paraboloid

Those who met me on beBee know that I am always "pushing" the contents about interesting engineering stuff. I even created the Interesting Engineering, Technology and Discoveries hive, besides the already existing hives, to activate the beBee construction community to be more eng ...

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The Dirt Doctor Will See You Now!

I'm often asked what I do for a buck and am usually stumped when trying to provide a reasonably comprehensive but intelligible answer. Well, if you really must know and have a couple of match sticks (no, not to party on pot, silly, but to keep your eyelids from closing with bored ...

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Post from Lada 🏡 Prkic

I created a new group, Civil Engineering

Members should use the group to post relevant articles, links, and blog posts. All members are encouraged to share their knowledge, opinions, and discussions on issues relating to civil engineering. 


Civil Engineering

This group is intended as a professional group for people wo ...

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