Srdan Suka

Srdan Suka

Seasoned Engineer, Leader, Mentor and Innovator
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb


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O Srdan Suka:

Seasoned Engineer, Leader, Mentor and Innovator in creating products,
designing solutions, optimizing processes, growing teams and leading to

Accomplished Group Manager and Senior Director of Engineering, renowned
for effectively leading and managing cross-functional teams. Possessing
extensive proficiency in strategic planning, product development, and process
enhancement. Devoted to fostering innovation and attaining organizational

Eagerly pursuing a stimulating leadership position to utilize my skills and make
valuable contributions to the triumph of an esteemed organization.
I am inclined to consider offers that offer the flexibility to work remotely from EU
based location (Zagreb, Croatia). As an independent contractor, I possess
extensive experience in providing project and operational support across the USA, Canada
and EMEA regions. Unfortunately, relocation is not an option for me right now.


Senior Director of Engineering/Group Manager of Edge, IoT and BMS/BAS - Smart Buildings Platform
07/2022 - 08/2023
JLL Inc., Remote

I managed a group of IoT and Edge engineering/tech teams as part of the JLL
Smart Building Platform product, known as Envio after being acquired by JLL.
Within this role, I served as a solutions architect for the IoT and Edge
component of the platform, prioritizing reliability, resilience, security, and
My responsibilities included delivering JLL SBP's Edge Infrastructure, PaaS,
and SaaS solutions, with a strong emphasis on secure and pen-tested hardware
and systems, as well as secure and scalable Edge PaaS and SaaS through
IaC. Additionally, I played a key role in influencing the product roadmap, leading
ideation activities, conducting product feasibility assessments, preparing
business cases, and defining the overall product features and prioritization. I
also focused on developing a GTM strategy and ensuring global product
deployment readiness, with particular attention to legal and compliance
Furthermore, I contributed to strategy and product planning, as well as
budgeting. Lastly, I provided technology consulting expertise on integration
strategies and governance policies.


Director of Engineering / Managing board member
02/2021 - 07/2022
Envio Systems GmbH, Remote (Berlin)

I led a cross-functional technology and operations group, where I played a
pivotal role in making decisions that shaped the direction of our products and
programs (Envio Smart Buildings Platform). As the manager of the Engineering
department, I oversaw multiple teams including Edge Platform, Hardware
Design and Production, Embedded Solutions, and BMS Solutions. Additionally, I
held the position of Managing Board Member.
Furthermore, I had the privilege of being one of the three inventors behind a
groundbreaking automation technology aimed at reducing energy consumption
in commercial buildings. This invention was granted a patent, solidifying its
significance in the industry.
Moreover, I was an integral part of the team that successfully planned,
executed, and integrated the acquisition of Envio Systems GmbH into JLL Inc.
following the company's acquisition.
Overall, my experience and contributions have been instrumental in driving
innovation, strategic decision-making, and successful integration within the
technology and operations landscape.


Director of Hardware Engineering / Managing board member
05/2020 - 02/2021
Envio Systems GmbH, Remote (Berlin)

I led cross-functional development teams and made critical decisions that
shaped the project's direction. Additionally, I provided guidance, mentorship,
and management to a team consisting of Hardware Electrical Engineers,
Firmware Designers, Embedded Engineers, and Embedded System Designers.
Furthermore, I held a position as a Managing Board Member. My
responsibilities included overseeing the ideation, design, production, and Go-
To-Market readiness of IoT devices.
Moreover, I played a key role in devising solutions for the implementation of
cutting-edge automation technology aimed at reducing energy consumption in
commercial buildings (Envio Smart Buildings Platform).


Hardware and BMS/BAS Integrations Solutions Architect
08/2018 - 05/2020
Envio Systems GmbH, Remote (Berlin)

As the head of Hardware and Edge Platform System Architecture (IoT), I
oversaw product roadmaps, definitions, and new product design of Envio's
Smart Buildings Platform. I worked closely with in-house hardware design,
production, and certification processes. Additionally, I led ideation activities for
IoT, building automation systems, and industrial communication protocols
integration solutions.
I also managed DevOps and SRE, designed low-power RF/MESH networks,
and handled performance and change management. Furthermore, I was
responsible for project and team management, acted as a consultant, and
mentored number of students on their graduation project internships.


Senior Firmware Designer, IoT Solutions Architect and Project Manager
05/2016 - 08/2018
Holosys LLC, Zagreb, Croatia

I designed and developed solutions for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as a contributor to the Smart City
domain. My involvement in the HoloSphere project included delivering a
hardware device that served as a multiprotocol, grid or battery powered Smart
City gateway, as well as an Edge platform. To test these solutions, I
collaborated with Semtech to pilot solutions on LoRaWAN, and with Quectel Inc.
, Deutsche Telekom (Croatian branch), and A1 Telekom to pilot solutions on
NB-IoT, which were emerging new technologies at that time.


Independent Technology Consultant, Contractor, Embedded SW Development and Solutions Architecture
04/2015 - 05/2016
Freelancer, Zagreb, Croatia

As an Independent Solutions Architect, I fulfilled the role of a Senior FW/HW
technology consultant and developer for various projects.
One notable project I contributed to was the ZipaTile project, which received
recognition as a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree. In this capacity, I
served as a technology consultant, specifically focusing on the development of
a sensors board for a Home Automation Central Controller Unit.
Additionally, I played a crucial role in the solutioning and development of a data
acquisition and remote control and configuration system for Heat Cost
Allocators (eHCA). This project was an integral part of a larger Smart City


Solutions Architect, Senior Firmware Designer & Project Manager
04/2005 - 04/2015
MAJUR Co., Zagreb, Croatia

I have been responsible for overseeing the development of various cutting-edge
systems, including an Energy Management System, Integrated Hotel Room
Automation System, Smart Buildings Systems, Access Control System, Light
Control System, and Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm System. In this role, I
have led teams of highly skilled hardware designers, embedded software
developers, and PCBA engineers.
Additionally, I have been involved in designing solutions for power plant
regulation, as well as the transferring and processing of measurements. To
achieve this, I have focused on developing systems that utilize Low-Power RF
Sensor Networks operating at frequencies of 433MHz, 868MHz, and 2.4GHz.


03/2005 - 05/2011
Soft-4-Biz, Zagreb, Croatia

I developed engineering and financial applications for various operating
systems, including Palm OS (Palm Treo, Centro), Palm WEB OS, iPhone,
Android OS, Moblin, Symbian OS, RIM OS (Blackberry), Linux, Windows
Mobile, Windows, ALP, and MAC OS (10.+). These applications were
distributed through multiple affiliate partners, with a primary focus on the US


PDA/Handheld Software Developer 
05/2003 - 04/2005
Translation Experts Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia

As a PDA/Handheld software developer, I specialized in crafting language
translation software for a range of operating systems, including Palm OS, Win
CE, Win Mobile, Pocket PC, Windows, Mac OS, and Newton.
Throughout my tenure, I concentrated on creating an Input Method (IME) for
Asian charsets and designing educational tools to teach individuals how to write
CJK ideographs.
Furthermore, I played a crucial role in a team devoted to developing language
translation tools, speech synthesis, and speech recognition systems that
harnessed the capabilities of Neural Networks.


Cross-functional Team Leadership, Distributed Team Management,
Product Innovation, Product Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Team
Management, Data Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Management,
Operational Excellence, Technological Innovation, Technical Leadership,
IoT, Embedded Systems, Smart Buildings, BMS, BAS, PropTech,
CRETech, ClimaTech, Smart City


Bachelor degree in Information Technologies



AWS Cloud Practitioner

Data Science Specialization

Machine Learning Specialization

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