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I Don't Feel Like Writing

I Don't Feel Like Writing

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On beBee, there聽isn't a small number of authors and professional writers who have published hundreds of articles on Producer. Many of them encourage others to write by giving great advice and tips how to overcome fears, find an own voice, and gain self-confidence.

Even the beBee management is going to reward the great effort that bloggers make writing in Producer.

No doubt that writing is of immense importance for personal growth, just as reading. In today's digital age, an ability to communicate effectively in writing has聽become more important than ever. My professional reputation largely depends on quality written communications (e-mails, memos, various reports, technical specifications).

As for social media, blogging is considered an extension of one's professional identity. Because I don't use Producer for business, I see it more as a playground - a fun聽place for socializing and getting to know my community. I like this aspect of blogging. After all, what is the reason to spend precious time on social media聽if there is no fun or/and purpose?

By reading articles that emphasize the importance of regular posting new contents, I became somewhat frustrated. I've even gotten to the point to force myself to write when I don't feel like writing.聽

It doesn't work that way.

For everything, there is a time and place. And I don't want to feel guilty if I'm not taking my writing more seriously and not regularly creating new posts.聽

The writer in me woke up a year ago, and I am more than thankful to beBee on this opportunity. Being in the state of euphoria, I even created my own WordPress blog. Once again I discovered the joy of writing that I have not felt since school days and published several posts on Producer (8 to be exact). All this is miles away from what other prolific authors published in the same period.聽

But I am not a professional writer. I am just a person who after coming home from a long day at work (spending most of the time in front of a computer), often feels so exhausted that even the ordinary interaction on beBee聽requires great effort and sacrifice of free time spent with family. But I think it's worth the time, and I'll continue to do my best to keep up engaging.聽

To me, social media presence should be more than regular writing articles on publishing platform.

What's wrong with short buzzes? I know that many writers think of them as memes, and don't find them relevant. But they are a great medium to communicate the thought or idea and to interact with my friends I have found here.聽When I don't feel like writing, they still give me the feeling of doing something productive. I've created hundreds, and think of them as a quality and very creative way to express yourself.聽聽

Quality content, no matter what form, adds value to the network.聽

I'll never give up writing.

I just don't want to force myself to write just for the sake of writing. Several drafts are already waiting to see the daylight. Writing is something I can take at my own pace, without haste. I can write when I want to. I'm not facing a deadline as in business writing. All that gives me the feeling of control over the whole process.

I don't want beBee to become a duty to fulfil. I am here to enjoy, read, share and communicate, but also to write when I feel like it.

How about you? Do you post regularly (or ever) on聽Producer?

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Lada 馃彙 Prkic

1 year ago #58


Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #57

Sandra, you nicely summed up what I meant to say with my buzz, "I try not to feel guilty, as living life is more important than writing, sometimes :-)" 馃槉

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #56

..... and please tag me when you do write that post on Split, Lada, as I fear it is getting harder and harder to notice posts from our favourite bees, with the hyperbolically increasing intensity of traffic .

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #55

Like you, Franci, I also think that time invested in my beBee "pearl" is worth. My writing process is too long and looks like a marathon, but at the end, I'm proud of my writing. I'm now waiting for my next long run.:-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #54

Like you, Franci, I also think that time invested in my beBee "pearl" is worth. My writing process is too long and looks like a marathon, but at the end, I'm proud of my writing. I have a willpower of a long-distance runner. :-) I'm waiting now for my next long run.

It is a calculated risk. (I believe)

Surely they think so. In tuitter and here, I have always followed who follows me. Reciprocity, the same I am wrong, but I see it fair. Everyone to lie down with their conscience. ;-))

Stop following for not writing? At some point you did, and I liked, I'm a patient person, sure you prepare something very good, when is your time. I wait for you Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic Sandra \ud83d\udc1d Smith

Mark Blevins

4 years ago #50

You're like Forrest Gump Only he just felt like running

I enjoy short buzzes because like, Lisa, I feel they offer another level of interaction. Lengthy posts, I sometimes save for another time in order to sit, relax and enjoy the content. I believe most of us that enjoying reading feel there is the matter of finding the time to do so. I don't consider myself a writer, I consider myself a person that enjoys writing. I write mostly poetry and I like chopped up, short to the point and unique styles. I write 2 to 3 times a week on my WordPress blogs, which one is set up as a weekly blogging event. I post Hive Talk for beBee once a week, which I enjoy doing. I feel this is all I want to dedicate my time to because I want to enjoy it and not have it seem like a chore. Also, commenting takes time and I like to take the time to make meaningful comments. Besides beBee and sometimes LinkedIn, I comment on WordPress, as well. I started a series on WordPress relating to events and such that took place in prior years, starting with the 1960s. I have not only increased my following but I get the most interesting comments and I love it! People share where they were and what they were doing that year. It's worth every bit of the time I put into it thus making me want to write and not feel I have to. It can be very time-consuming to keep up with the comments but I enjoy every minute of it!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #48

Lisa, we are similar in many ways. I knew you would understand what I've written. Thank you for commenting and sharing. Best regards! :-)

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

4 years ago #47

No guilt for me! I have several other places that expect my articles, so I often have to prioritize. However, when I do feel like writing and the topic is not too technical, then beBee is my first choice :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #46

Lisa, we are similar in many ways. I know you would understand what I've written. Thank you for commenting and sharing. Best regards! :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #45

#50 Ken, your long comment is worth the whole post. 馃槉 I'm glad you pointed out one important thing -time spent in reading and commenting on other people's posts. For me, commenting is as challenging as writing. To write a meaningful comment requires time. Being engaged is great, it's the purpose for being on the social medium like beBee, but engaging leads to more engaging and time for writing gets away. Lately, I use to read the posts on my mobile before bedtime, and in the morning I try to write some comments before going to work. Those who don't spend time on reading and commenting (even on their comment threads) have enough time to write and enlarging their portfolio. I have my opinion about the cliques, but it's another topic. Thank you for this comment, Ken. A post about my hometown Split will be the next one if I manage to find the time. I'm glad to have an audience. :-)

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #44

[continued from below] ..... It's all too easy to chest beat and count our posts produced, particularly if we happen to be prolific in Producer post production, but we tend to forget the many, many hours spent on reading others' posts and preparing appropriate comments, which, arguably, is more important in establishing rapport with others. I hear a lot of background chit chat from newBee authors complaining how they can't get enough people to read their posts and how those who have been on beBee for some time are a clique difficult to crack. Well the easiest way to join the clique is for them to join in the conversation. After all, we've all had to do exactly that in the real world, chat initially with potential friends and then, after a few conversations, we start to feel comfortable with each other and respond in kind to each other's work. The difference between the newBee and the old fuddy duddy bee is time invested in conversing and sharing. But the unique thing we have here on beBee is the predominant culture of almost always answering when we receive comments from others (trolls excluded). I think you stated it well yourself with "I am here to enjoy, read, share and communicate, but also to write when I feel like it". May I then respectively suggest, Lada, that you forget the numbers of posts being produced by others, and continue to write in your own inimitable and enjoyable fashion, as and when you see fit. I, for one, am always overjoyed to see your comments on my posts and the posts of other I read, and love to read the experiences you choose to write about, particularly concerning the culture and scenery of Croatia.

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #43

I think it probable, Lada, that most of us have spells when we just don't have the time or the inclination to write a post on Producer. After all, we all have lives in the real (not SM) world and, for most of us, writing on SM like beBee won't pay the bills. But, for me, writing also includes the thought processes of reading the posts of others, be they from my Fbees (favourite bees) or newBees, and formulating a response (other than a mere "great post") which, hopefully, will convey to the author that I have read, understood and enjoyed their post. The writing of posts, whether long or short, and the careful choice of an appropriate comment on the posts of others, form a balance which, hopefully, ultimately results in either a gathering of those who share some affinity, or a collection of gatherings of overlapping interests. Investing in both comments and posts is, I suggest, important to achieve the ultimate prize of opening up your SM of choice and finding (in the case of beBee) the bell on the top ribbon brim-full of notifications. I often start to prepare a post but then get side-tracked reading those of others, and with responding to these notifications, until, of course, time gets away ..... [continued on next comment].

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #42

Your kind words touched me, Jerry. Thank you!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #41

Glad to see you here, Paul Walters. I write when I feel the need to say something, which is obviously very rare. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #40

Glad to see you, Paul Walters. Writing has not yet become a habit to me. But I'm on the righ track. :-)

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #39

Personally, I enjoy short buzzes just as much, it really adds another level of interaction Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic. I completely understand what you are saying. Im by no means a professional writer, like you, I write when inspired or for fun. I cant write on demand. Its ok to march to the beat of your own drum. No pressure on yourself makes writing that much more fun .

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #38

John, I'll continue to buzz in my natural rhythm. :-) Thanks for the great advice. And thanks to Milos, too.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #37

Thanks, Ren茅e, for the nice comment. I look at writing on social media as an exhaust valve. But as in engineering, I sometimes experience the worn-out symptoms, like idling or power reduction. I hope these symptoms will not cause total valve failure. :-) Sometimes we have to turn off the engine.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #36

And I always enjoy your comments, Harvey. :-) You said, "Writing has become a forced march." I would say it's some kind of a mandatory excersise. I remembered what Paul \ said while commenting on my first post, "Writing muscles need constant exercise." I've become lazy lately, neglecting exercise. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #35

Interesting comment, Ian. Looking at my stats, I realized that my posting follows a pattern. You gave me an idea for another post. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #34

Thank you, . As a writer beginner, I have had some thoughts that I just put into this post. I'm glad that this topic provoked so much attention. Thank you for sharing.

Jerry Fletcher

4 years ago #33

Lada, you may post infrequently but I find what you have to say worthwhile reading. The fact that you have the dedication to do it in a second language is, to me, breathtaking. Write when you want to, for whatever reason, but maintain these connections I pray you.

Paul Walters

4 years ago #32

Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic For me its just a nice habit !!!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #31

Hi, Jim, it's been very rare to see your comment in my thread, and I'm glad you have commented on this post. As you said, it's my point of view. I don't feel any pressure participating on beBee. On the contrary! And it is more than evident. My post was created as a reflection on so many articles that emphasize the importance of publishing new contents regularly on Producer. Writing in Producer is also one of the prerequisites of becoming the beBee ambassador (I'm one of them 馃悵). My thoughts about writing expressed in the post and in this thread have nothing to do with "publish or perish" dogma. I work at University, and I'm familiar with this phrase. :-) As you nicely said, I'm the captain of my digital ship. And I've anchored it in a quiet harbor called beBee. I would gladly read your post about my post when you feel like writing it. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #30

Welcome to the hive, Barbara Henslee. I'm glad that a writer like you found this buzz relevant. Thanks for following. -:)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #29

Thank you, Roxana, for reading and commenting: This post is only 2 minutes long. :-) Social media, unfortunately, affect our reading habits and attention span. I agree that there are many posts on this topic, not just on beBee but all over the internet. We should all be masters of our time spent on social media.

John Prpich

4 years ago #28

Writing and blogging have become interesting phenomena. I don't consider myself a writer, however, I do consider myself a progressive thinker and contrarian. What I find interesting about people that write today is, everyone believes they have something important or of value to share, and all I read is what I've read before over and over again, so to me, most content is merely white noise. I haven't written an article in quite a while, simply because I don't have anything to say at the moment. I've tried to encourage conversation and deep thinking, however, it seems to have a small audience at best. What's even more frustrating is the great article, comments when clearly, the article wasn't great but merely repetitive. We are now at the point where content is nothing more than an over stimulant, and I find that there is less interesting content today than 10 years ago. Disruption, an overused word, happens in a very small vacuum, I don't see a lot of articles that suggest any significant paradigm shifts in thinking, but perhaps that 's just me.

John White, MBA

4 years ago #27

As our dear fractal friend Milos Djukic would say, "Write in your natural rhythm." This was the best advice I've received on the subject. Buzz on, Lada!

Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier

4 years ago #26

I enjoy writing, but I don't always have the time or the energy to write as much as I would like. Furthermore, like all writers, I sometimes struggle to find inspiration. I do post memes in those in between times and I also make sure to share the content of other bees. Live buzzes are another great way to share content. Social media is not only about pushing your own message out. It is about being social in a multitude of ways. beBee offers a variety of ways to communicate your ideas and to share the ideas of others. Creativity cannot flourish under duress. We who are accustomed to working to deadlines can tell you how painful that job can be. Our best work comes when we are relaxed and able to fully get into the zone. Don't beat yourself up over feeling a little dry, creatively. Do what comes naturally to you whenever you have the freedom to do so.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #25

Writing has become a forced march. I find, like you stated many posts that are written but not yet ready for prime time. When idea about current events occurs I find writing forces me to articulate, in words, not thoughts helps me be a better communicator. The idea may be bad, but can be understood. Enjoyed your thoughts.

Jan 馃悵 Barbosa

4 years ago #24

Humans like nature follow cycles.... I simply stopped writting by January 2017... Nothing else untill 3 days ago... Maybe the fact im bed with back pain made me feel useless... Maybe ive been pomdering about my bothering incurable Tinnitus .... Maybe the fact im stuck in a cubicle job... One of those reasons or all pushed me to write again... dont force yourself... Let the moment come....

Moment to reflect with Lada

hi Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic it is best to follow your natural rhythm, when you do not feel like it, nobody forces you to write. If you do feel like it, then do it. I am glad you wrote this piece, you were speaking your truth and a lot of people can experience what you are expressing. Thank you!

Jim Murray

4 years ago #21

Hi Lada. There's a long answer and a short answer to the question posed by your post. I'm not sure which this will be I generally post something every day on beBee. I don't do that out of any sense of obligation. I do it because I feel like it. I do it because I am a writer and that's what writers to. I don't always post long format pieces. I don't always create original pieces, since I have about 200 relevant articles ( that I repost here), that I did on LinkedIn back in the day when blogging there was not an exercise in futility. Your point is well taken. But it is 'your' point. I'm not sure, especially if as you say you don't use beBee for business, why you would feel any pressure at all. You don't have to schedule this into your life. You just do it when you feel like it. As far as shorter buzzes. They work just as well, if not better, (especially on LinkedIn) than longer format posts. What is smaller is the comment stream. But again, it's whatever you feel like doing. At least that's my opinion. There's no publish or perish dogma here. Just a bunch of people who appear to be much more interested and engaged than elsewhere. Please feel free to relieve yourself of any pressure that participating on beBee or any social media site makes you feel. You dictate the terms, here. You are the captain of your digital ship. Have a great day, or evening as the case may be. PS: I will write a post about your post, when I feel like writing it. :)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #20

Chas \u270c\ufe0f Wyatt, your comment reflects my thoughts on this subject. I'd never give up writing after I tried my hand at it and felt the joy. I can't be more productive than I am now because other things in my life have priority. But also because I take writing on social media seriously and don't want to write just for the sake of writing. About your epic post, I have written 10-minute long buzz about hyperbolic paraboloid. (!) Every post has its audience. So, why not! As you said, "If you enjoy writing, write. Let all other matters fall to the wayside." Thank you, Chas.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #19

Dear Ali, you said, "the beauty of writing is that it comes best when it flows freely." I couldn't agree more. When I have a problem with putting my feelings and thoughts on screen, I leave all aside. I don't want to force myself and waste valuable time. Life is too short. :-) Instead, I read and engage with my friends on beBee. Thank you for being my friend. 馃槉

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #18

Dear Phil, I always welcome and appreciate your comments. As I said in my response to Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich 's comment, the term "guilty" may sound cumbersome but it reflects my thoughts on emphasizing the importance of posting new contents regularly. We can't all be the productive writers and great contributor on Producer, but we can add value to the network in other ways. I am a beginner in writing on social media. Writing is something I really want to cherish although without great expectations. I write when I feel like writing, and don't when don鈥檛 feel like it. Many things in our life we don't want to do, but we do it because it is expected of us. However, I enjoy reading, and your posts are among my favorites. I'm glad you don't write about how to write. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #17

Thank you for your comment, Deb. "Writing should be about the human connection it creates." Exactly! My goal is engagement, not a mere presence on social media, and I engage with my followers in many ways. Writing in Producer is only one of the ways. Perhaps the term "guilty" sounds cumbersome and awkward, but I was referring to my poor contribution on Producer, looking at the number of published articles. On the other hand, the engaging numbers on my articles are great. The writing process is different for each of us. Writing is an essential part of my job. But it's a different kind of writing than on social media and sometimes more demanding than any technical report. :-) For me, it's not easy to put my feelings and thoughts on paper, and sometimes it seems easier not to write than write just for having more articles on publishing platform. That's why I call my Producer post "the pearls" because they are rare and precious to me. :-) I'm glad you are prepared to wait for another post (hopefully not too long). :-) Thank you.

Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic- the beauty of writing is that it comes best when it flows freely. So, like you I don't force myself to write. It just happens. I would say 40% of my buzzes on beBee (more than 225 buzzes) resulted from interactions. I get the motivation to explore, to mine for more knowledge, to clear some thoughts and so on. Free-flowing writing is far more productive than a forced-flowing writing, if it could flow this way.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #15

A short-form post or status update is my favorite form when it comes to civil engineering. It's something I like to do, particularly on LinkedIn to engage with people in my field. I usually share a picture of an interesting construction project, engineering feat, or new building material with the link to an article. I always say something about what I'm sharing that would encourage conversation, which is the goal.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #14

Lada, there are, in my experience, many and varied legitimate reasons for writing. For pay. For self-promotion. For marketing. For business. For education. To make a connection and hopefully get laid. And on an on. But one reason that should never be counted among the reasons for writing is to avoid feeling guilty for not writing or even wanting to write. The pressure of an external deadline, business-driven or otherwise, is NOT the same as feeling guilty because one just doesn't want to write. The pressure raised by an external deadline is due, I think, to guilt over possibly failing in meeting your commitments to others. This is an area in which I think there is a tendency to overthink the matter. Which is one reason why I rarely if ever tell people how to write, per se, or even pretend to understand, at times, even my own motivations. Nice reflection, though. Cheers!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #13

Glad you like it, Andrew. I felt the urge to share some of my thoughts about writing on the publishing platform. Thanks for following. I followed you back. :-)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #12

Yes, I can't help myself anymore, I've got the writing bug. :-) Thank you for reading and commenting, Martin.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #11

Ian, these are my feelings, too. I look at social media, particularly beBee, as my exhaust valve, not a duty. "There are no expectations - just go with the flow." Thank you!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #10

Thank you Debasish, for commenting and sharing. Much appreciated!

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #9

Gert, thank you as always for your kind words about my writing. Since English is not my native language, I was insecure at the beginning. But I have no problem with that anymore. I've seen many native English writers on other social media who are bad at writing their own language. The post title is related to my poor production of honey. Only 8 jars per year! :-)

Martin Wright

4 years ago #8

There aed times when you can write and it feels like breathing. The sentences flow like wine, the paragraphs seem to arrange rhemselvws like a symphony and tge articles work luke clockwork. But there are times when writing feels like an exercise in talking to a teenager, lots of dury but nothing coming out but grunts.- but once you get the bug for writing you. Can't help yourself.

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #7

Pascal, I'm glad we have the same mindset. :-) Once I had a break in writing that lasted for months. Thanks for commenting.

Dominique 馃悵 Petersen

4 years ago #6

Couldn't agree more. Why not post short buzzes? I like to see short ones interspersed with the long ones.

Ian Weinberg

4 years ago #5

Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic Believe me I've experienced myself exactly what you've just described. It's one of those milestones which I believe many have experienced. Just to say that I passed through that point into a more peaceful hum of reading when and what I prefer and writing if and when the urge materializes (with topic in hand). So yes, there are no expectations - just go with the flow.

Gert Scholtz

4 years ago #4

Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic I think it takes a bit more effort to write when your first language is not English. And with work and family 鈥 yes it does take time and effort. But whenever you post Lada, I find it very worthwhile to read. I can鈥檛 help but notice some irony in your title I Don鈥檛 Feel Like Writing, yet you have just done so - and very well too :)

Lada 馃彙 Prkic

4 years ago #3

Thank you, Joyce. When it comes to business communication, I almost always write under pressure. There's always a deadline, and everything is urgent. That's why I let my writing on Producer to go at its own pace. It should be a relaxation, not a race against time. Thanks for sharing!

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #2

Not guilty your honour 馃榾Nope I am doing things at my own pace wrote nothing for 20 days then wrote two in 3 馃榾 Just do your own things it must suit you that's my point of view

I often pressure myself to come up with relevant topics. But guess what? You're right--it doesn't work that way. There are days my mind just boggles along, and I use these days to read others' posts. I find pleasure in reading. I find pleasure in disseminating others' work. Oftentimes, a post will inspire me. I am grateful. Your joy shines through Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic.

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